Trump Hopes for Progress in Iranian Ties After Veteran Released

Says release shows 'a deal is possible'

President Trump praised Iran for the release of US Navy veteran Michael White, saying it was a positive sign and showed that a deal with Iran “is possible.” Iranian officials similarly said deals are there to be made, and that the US doesn’t need to cherry-pick so much.

White was released after two Iranians held by the US were allowed to return to Iran. Iranian FM Javad Zarif urged the US to allow Iranians held by the US to be allowed to return home.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dismissed this, demanding that the Iranians immediately release three other US citizens who are reportedly being detained in Iran. With both sides agreeing a deal is possible, it’s just a matter of working out who is to be traded for whom.

White has returned to the US. The eagerness to get him back in America is that he’s come down with coronavirus, though officials involved in his release say before being hospitalized for that he was staying in a hotel in Tehran pending a deal.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of