US to Send Trainers to Colombia for Cocaine Operations

Officials say trainers won't take part in fighting

They won’t be directly engaged in fighting, but the United States has committed to sending more trainers to Colombia, as part of an expected build-up of an operation against the growing cocaine production¬† in the country.

Officials say that in recent years, Colombia has seen a three-fold increase in cocaine production. They are a major source of cocaine internationally, and the US has been backing Colombia’s fight against them for decades.

Some are saying this is related to the Trump Administration’s regime change push in Venezuela, as officials have tried to tie President Maduro to drug cartels, and have talked sending forces in the area to step up pressure on Venezuela.

Whether there is real connection between US-backed Colombia drug trade and Venezuela, which the US is openly hostile toward, is unclear. This may simply be an easy excuse to get more US trainers into the area.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of