Venezuelans Celebrate as Third Iran Tanker Docks

Maduro hopes for new normal in gasoline supply

Venezuelans continue celebrating the arrival of gasoline tankers from Iran, easing a chronic shortage of gasoline in the face of US sanctions, and the third of five Iranian tankers arrived in dock, delivering to state-run ports of Venezuela’s petrol company PDVSA.

President Maduro talks of plans coming soon for a “new normal in terms of gasoline supply.” Venezuela struggles with the sanctions stopping the import of US oil and chemicals, and the subsidies on gasoline make it heavily unprofitable for the PDVSA.

Heavy US sanctions on both Venezuela and Iran have made such trade convenient for both. With gas prices dropping in recent months and Iran having a lot of excess supply, they stand to lose little in selling to another nation the US doesn’t like.

The US has claimed that the shipments are a violation of sanctions. They say Iran is delivering gas in return for gold, and the gold is flown back to Iran by Mahan Air. The US has sanctioned a Chinese company for doing business with the airline.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of