Trump Administration Discussing New Nuclear Test, First Since 1992

Officials believe test would push Russia, China in negotiations

How does the US get Russia and China to the negotiating table? Senior administration officials came up with the idea of carrying out the first US nuclear test explosion since 1992, and this conversation is still ongoing.

Carrying out nuclear tests is a hugely provocative move on the global scale, and yet the Trump Administration thought it could “prove useful” in trying to get Russia and China into trilateral nuclear talks.

This probably was also informing the administration in accusing, without evidence, both Russia and China of conducting nuclear tests in secret. Global monitoring makes secret tests all but impossible, but alleging such tests would be cover for the US to do it too.

Officials said the December discussion on the matter didn’t end with any agreement to conduct a test, but that it is an “ongoing conversation” that they keep going back to as a possible idea in response to supposed threats from Russia and China.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of