Iran to Continue Regular Missions in Persian Gulf, Despite US Threats

Iran Navy says operations won't change after US warnings

On Tuesday, the US military statement threatened to treat any boats that get close to US warships as a “threat,” calling on other nations to keep their distance. Iran’s Navy has responded, saying their own missions will remain unchanged.

The US statement comes amid threats to target Iranian ships for getting too close. Iranian ships don’t really get within 100 meters of US ships anyhow, unless the US ships are in Iranian territorial water, and this realistically would never come up with a military ship.

Indeed, many interpreted the US statement as mostly warning off commercial ships. Threatening Iran, however, is common for the US, and it is common for Iran to insist the US statements aren’t going to force them into any changes.

So long as Iran and the US both have ships in the Persian Gulf, there is a risk of confrontations. US forces, however, aren’t leaving and are constantly issuing statements to Iran, while Iran is clearly going to keep its ships in its territorial water.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of