Israeli Officials Say Iran Pulling Forces Out of Syria

Israel plans to keep attacking Syria until Iran leaves 'for good'

Israeli officials don’t want to publicly talk about their repeated attacks on Syria, but off the record they are presenting this as a victory over Iran. Privately, officials say they believe Iran is starting to withdraw its forces from Syria.

They didn’t provide any evidence to back this up, nor do they ever, but the same officials, speaking off-the-record in the Israeli press, did say Israel would keep attacking Syria until Iran “leaves for good.”

Since Israel isn’t acknowledging these attacks, and Iran’s putative pullout isn’t based on any evidence, Israel will likely keep attacking, and either keep making it about Iran, or come up with a new justification.

Attacks have been on the uptick in recent weeks in Syria, mostly hitting Shi’ite targets, but generally Lebanese, not Iranians. Though any Shi’ite tends to be labeled Iranian by Israel, this suggests the strikes are part of a broader campaign.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of