Israeli Airstrikes Kill Four Militia Members, Three Civilians in Syria

Syria reports attacks came from Lebanese airspace

Syrian state media reported a flurry of Israeli airstrikes near the capital city of Damascus killed at least seven people. Four of the slain were foreign militia members, and the other three were Syrian civilians.

This is the latest of several Israeli strikes on Syria in the past few weeks. As with the past, Syrian military reported they’d intercepted some of the missiles fired, though clearly not all of them. It’s not clear from reports exactly where the firing was.

The Israeli planes carried out their strikes from Lebanese airspace, which is common enough, as Syria’s air defense system tends to be strong along Israel’s airspace, and Lebanon, which has virtually no air defense, can do nothing about regular Israeli incursions.

Israeli officials have largely not commented on the matter, but the expectation is that foreign militia members will be presented as Iranians. The foreigners were said not to be Lebanese members of Hezbollah, which likely means they are Iraqis or Afghan Shi’ites.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of