Iran Hits Back at Trump Over ‘Sneak Attack’ Allegations

FM: Don't be misled by 'usual warmongers'

Iranian officials hit back after Wednesday’s Tweet by President Trump accusing Iran of plotting a sneak attack against US forces in Iraq. Foreign Minister Javad Zarif in particular took to Twitter to dismiss the allegations.

Zarif noted that the allegations against Iran are being championed by the “usual” warmongers, as the Trump Administration has a faction which is openly trying to start a US war in Iraq against “proxies,” even as US generals warn this could start a much bigger war that they aren’t prepared to handle.

Administration officials didn’t provide anything to warrant the sneak attack claim, and even suggested the sneak attack might be such that the US couldn’t effectively prove it was done by Iran or its proxies. This seems to be tailor-made to justify the US attacks that were already being planned.

Iran’s position was always to rely on self-defense in the event of aggression, and indeed has budgeted its military toward assets for local, defensive operations in the event of a conflict with much larger, costlier militaries that are constantly threatening to attack them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of