North Korea Slams Pompeo, Says He Shows US Doesn’t Want Nuclear Talks

North Korea warns US not to bother them

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s talk of keeping US pressure up against North Korea sparked criticism from North Korea’s Foreign Ministry on Monday, saying that they view his “reckless remarks” as just another sign that the US isn’t really interested in nuclear talks.

This has been a matter of some contention between the US and North Korea, as everyone wants to give an indication that they are willing to negotiate, but both are very comfortable with not actually doing so so long as they can blame the other party for the lack of progress.

“We will go our own way. We want the US not to bother us,” the Ministry added through state media, warning that “if the US bothers us, it will be hurt.” The statement threatened to “repay the US with actual horror and unrest for the sufferings it has inflicted upon our people.”

US officials continue to emphasize a priority for imposing more sanctions and restrictions on North Korea, with the idea being that North Korea will eventually be forced to capitulate to US demands as a result.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of