Iran Warns Coronavirus Could Kill Millions as US Adds to Sanctions

Pompeo: New sanctions target those trading in petrochemicals

Iran’s state media issued a new grim assessment of the nation’s coronavirus epidemic. One of the nations most heavy effected by the global pandemic so far, officials are now warning that when all is said and done millions of Iranians could die.

Iran is trying most of the same quarantine policies as everyone else, but their attempts to medically treat the infected are greatly hindered by US sanctions, which have long limited their ability to import medicine and other humanitarian goods from abroad.

Iran asked last week for the US and international community to put the sanctions on hold for the duration of the crisis. Not only did the US not do this, but the Trump Administration announced a new round of sanctions against Iran on Tuesday.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the sanctions targeted people involved in trading petrochemicals, and that the US wants Iran to unconditionally release American prisoners. Pompeo claimed Iran is considering doing so, though Iran has not confirmed this.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of