US Claims Iran Site May Have Contained Uranium Metal

Statement falsely claims this is a 'proliferation concern'

Iran and the IAEA have been sparring over access to an undeclared nuclear site. The IAEA says they were told it was an atomic warehouse, while Iran says it is a carpet cleaner. The US is now getting involved, and unsurprisingly scare-mongering over Iran.

Of three sites Iran has refused further access to, the US claims one of those sites may potentially have once contained uranium metal. They claim this was the IAEA’s assessment, even though the IAEA’s statement never said such a thing.

It seems to be based on past US speculation that Iran may have tried to work with uranium metal. The US followed this with a statement claiming it was a “proliferation concern,” even though the allegations over the metal took place many years ago, and Iran is not enriching uranium to anywhere near weapons grade.

Indeed, the whole reason the IAEA was interested in the site was because Israel made allegations about it, that were not backed by any other sources. The IAEA visited in February 2019, and Iran has refused to let them return, saying there is no legal basis to do so.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of