US to Boost Military Aid to Ukraine, Will Include Armed Patrol Boats

US sees Mark VI patrol boats as key to challenging Russia

The Pentagon has informally informed Congress that another $125 million in military aid is agreed upon for Ukraine. This will include new anti-artillery radars, and Mark VI patrol boats.

First introduced to the US Navy in 2015, the Mark VI patrol boat is intended for coastal and riverine operations. It has modern weapons and is meant to operate mostly in shallow waters.

US officials view these new boats as critical to Ukraine’s contesting of the Sea of Azov with Russia. Though that is clearly the justification for giving them the boats, Ukraine scarcely has a navy as it is, and a handful of new boats, while clearly an upgrade from Coast Guard hand-me downs Ukraine is currently using, still don’t make them a naval power equipped to fight Russia.

At times this has been by design for US military aid, providing weapons that clearly won’t achieve their goal, and when they don’t using that as an excuse for more aid and bigger weapons.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of