Iran Ready for Talks With IAEA to Improve Mutual Understanding

Iran says IAEA requests based on 'fabricated' intelligence

The Iranian state nuclear agency has said they are hoping to enter direct “political talks” with the IAEA on recent issues over a site the IAEA wants to visit, saying they hope for a mutual understanding.

The latest IAEA report on Iran, which came with the usual concerns about Iran exceeding stockpile caps, also centered on the IAEA wanting access to another site of “concern,” which they visited in February 2019, but Iran refused to let them visit again.

The site in question was one Israel claimed was an atomic warehouse. Iran says it’s a carpet cleaners, and that the only documents claiming otherwise were fabricated by Israel in the first place.

The IAEA’s new chief wants to show he’s tough on Iran, but Iran maintains they’re only going to give access to places that the IAEA has a legitimate reason to visit, and says it requires open-sourced intelligence, not just Israel’s claims.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of