Taliban Resumes Attacks on Afghan Govt Targets, Hitting Bases, Checkpoints

Fighting reported in 17 provinces, US urges Taliban to restore calm

After Monday’s announcement that they are resuming attacks on the government, Taliban forces have hit targets in 17 different provinces. Fighting hit a number of sites, including army bases, but so far the casualties seem relatively low.

The Taliban has also made good on not attacking foreign troops in this new fighting, and while the US warned the peace is “fragile” US troops have yet to recommit militarily after the weekend peace deal.

At issue is that the US peace deal called for prisoner exchanges, and the Afghan government has refused to release them. President Ghani says this was something the US never had the right to promise the Taliban. The Taliban are saying this is non-negotiable, however.

Since this was part of the peace deal, the US doesn’t seem to be backing Ghani for not complying. Though US officials are urging the Taliban to return to reduction in violence, so far that doesn’t seem to include returning to violence themselves.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.