Russia Sends Warships to Syria, Says Turkey’s Casualties Were Their Own Fault

Turkey denies rebels were present during Thursday's attack

Russia has announced on Friday that they are sending a pair of warships armed with cruise missiles to the Syrian coast, after recent fighting with Turkish troops.

Over 30 Turkish troops were killed in Idlib Province, and Russia says that they hold Turkey responsible for their own casualties. They said Turkey was not disclosing the location of their troops, and also were embedded with Islamist rebels, making themselves a target.

Turkey has denied this, saying they weren’t with the rebels, and that they’d told Russia where their troops were when they got killed. The Turkish forces are threatening more attacks on Syria going forward.

They have sent thousands of troops into Idlib in recent weeks, and as they escalate the attacks, there is more risk of them running headlong into the Russian military. While Turkey seems confident it can bowl over Syria’s war-weary military, it seems a stretch to think they can fight Russia at the same time.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of