Turkey Tells Russia They Are Ready to Attack Syrian Military in Idlib

More Turkish troops sent into Syria as battle looms

Talks between Russia and Turkey have ended, with the Turkish government informing Russia that they have completed preparations and intend to just launch a full-scale military attack on the Syrian military in the Idlib Province.

Turkey has been objecting to Syria’s military gains in the formerly rebel-held north, where both Turkish-backed rebels and al-Qaeda have suffered major defeats recently. Counterattacks by the rebels have failed, and Turkey seems determined to carry out the attacks themselves.

Turkey continues to send more troops into Northern Syria in anticipation of this fight. It is very risky, both in potentially bringing Turkey into conflict with Russia, and in that Turkey’s pretense of just backing rebels falls apart if they start occupying parts of Syria directly.

Turkey has demanded that the Syrian military abandon Idlib Province and parts of Aleppo. Neither seems likely to happen at this point, and Turkey seems determined to fall back on force of arms to keep the Syrian Civil War going.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.