Satellite Images Show Heavy Damage From Israeli Attack on Damascus Airport

Several warehouses destroyed

On February 13, Israel attacked the Damascus Airport with a series of missile strikes. Israeli media were quick to label the attack as targeting “Iranians,” which is what Israel always says it is attacking in nearby nations.

Israel’s reports were non-specific, and Syria’s reports were on some missiles being intercepted. Specific details on the damage are only now starting to emerge with commercial satellite images showing a number of warehouses destroyed.

Israeli media, dutifully, reported those as Iranian warehouses, and further suggested that the airport site must’ve been the headquarters of the Iranian Quds Force, despite no evidence supporting such a claim.

In practice, Israeli attacks on warehouses are often done because they’re suspected of containing equipment bound for Hezbollah, and something like that is liable to be the case here, as well. Israel is increasingly eager to attack Syria, and certainly wouldn’t need for a site at the airport to be particularly significant.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of