Hamas Will Stop Launching Explosive Balloons for Gaza Blockade Easing

Israel will expand Gaza fishing zone if balloons are halted

Trying to work out a deal with Israel, Hamas has announced that they intend to unilaterally stop launching balloon attacks and rockets against Israeli territory, and in return they want the Israeli government to ease Gaza sanctions.

The proposal was transmitted to Gaza last week, and was met with skepticism from Israeli officials, though they say they are going to let the next few days “serve as a test of this stability” and are willing to expand the Gaza fishing zone if things go well.

These sorts of deals are always complicated for Hamas, as they have to not only comply with the pledge, but try to keep other smaller Gaza factions from violating it. Israel pretty much always blames Hamas, even if the Israeli military concedes the violation came from a rival group explicitly to undercut Hamas.

While Gaza’s explosive balloons have not caused massive casualties on the Israeli side of the border, they have done property damage and set fires, and have been a major talking point for Israeli hawks looking to sell a new military engagement in the strip.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.