Syrian Army Captures Key Northern Town From Islamists

20 civilians reported killed in fighting along vital highway

Fighting in the Idlib Province of northern Syria has spread into neighboring Aleppo, with the Syrian Army taking advantage of momentum to seize another valuable frontline town from the al-Qaeda-led factions in the area, the town of al-Eis.

Fierce fighting was reported in the area, and at least 20 civilians were reported killed in the course of this fighting, raising the concern for civilians in the area that has become a major hotbed of fighting.

There is no end in sight, either. While Turkey keeps threatening deeper intervention, the Syrian Army has vowed to continue pushing into the area to contest control over the last substantial rebel area.

It isn’t just about ousting al-Qaeda from the country, but about Syria reasserting control of the vital highway connecting Aleppo and Damascus. The highway goes through al-Qaeda-controlled territory, and a few more towns, mainly Saraqeb, stand in the way of securing it.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of