64 US Troops Now Diagnosed With Traumatic Brain Injuries From January 8 Iran Missile Attack

Number of wounded expected to continue to rise

The casualty count from the January 8 Iran missile strikes on Ayn al-Asad continues to rise, with the Pentagon now saying that 64 US soldiers have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries.

This is an increase over the most recent figure of 50, and the continuation of weeks of increases starting from no casualties at all and progressively rising. It is expected to continue to rise going forward.

Iran gave the US advance notice of the strike to allow them time to take cover, avoiding any deaths. The concussive blast, however, still caused brain injuries, and officials say it is not unusual that many didn’t present symptoms for awhile.

Many are considered “mild traumatic brain injuries,” and more than half are reported to have already returned to duty. More serious injuries, however, were sent to Germany for treatment, and many of them are still abroad receiving care.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.