Yemen’s Houthis Kill 111 Soldiers in Missile Strike

Attack targeted training camp, officials say toll likely to rise

At least 111 Yemeni soldiers were killed, and dozens of others wounded on Saturday in Yemen’s central Maarib Province when the northern Houthi movement fired a missile against a military training site.

Some estimates put as many as 100 wounded, and officials say that they expect the death toll, which has already almost tripled since initial statements, will continue to rise into the night after the devastating strike.

Fighting between the Hadi government and Houthis has been down substantially in the recent weeks, but Saudi airstrikes against Houthi targets likely fueled interest among the Houthis in a strike of their own.

Hadi officials said the attack targeted a mosque, and that soldiers were gathering around for prayers. The Houthis have not addressed the matter, though they are known to have substantial missile capabilities, which they’ve used throughout the protracted war.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of