Iran Denies Claims They Were Sending Black Boxes to Ukraine

Iran still has no made no decision to send them abroad

Iran has denied claims that began to emerge Saturday that they were going to send the black boxes from the Ukrainian International Airlines flight 752 to Ukraine, saying that they are still in the process of reading them and have made no decision yet on sending them elsewhere.

The previous report had said Iran had decided that they couldn’t read the black boxes themselves and would send them on to Ukraine. The head of investigation says it is possible the boxes will be sent to Ukraine, or possibly France, but they’re still working on decoding them.

Canadian officials say that they have pushed for the boxes to be sent on, and Prime Minister Trudeau has one of the few systems with the ability to actually read such black boxes.

It’s not clear why that is taking so long, but Iranian officials likely consider it embarrassing that they can’t directly process the black boxes, and would prefer to know what is on them before sending them to another country, particularly when the plane’s shootdown has been hugely embarrassing domestically.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of