US Announces Sanctions on Top Iranian Officials, Mining Companies

Commander dismisses sanctions as 'symbolic'

The US has announced a new round of sanctions against Iran, targeting 8 high ranking Iranian officials and 17 Iranian mining companies. The Treasury Department also reported sanctions on Chinese and Seychelles companies.

Officials emphasized this as part of the “maximum pressure campaign,” and while they insisted this was a particularly big new set of sanctions, as usual, it seems much of it was already sanctioned.

High ranking Iranian commander and political official Mohsen Rezaie was among the “new” sanctionees, and mocked it as “symbolic for America” and without any economic impact, adding that he’s proud to be sanctioned.

Rezaie has been proud for awhile. The Treasury Department ordered his assets frozen in 2007, and he’s been a “listed person” a few other times in sanctions. It is unclear if there is any practical difference between all these different rounds of sanctions, but clearly Rezaei doesn’t believe so, and in practice, it’s common for the US to single out big names to sanction, and keeps sanctioning them over and over whether they are already on the list or not.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of