Yemen’s Houthis Say They Have Potential Targets in Saudi Arabia, UAE

Strikes have been on hold during peace talks

In what may be a bad sign for the ongoing talks between the Houthis and Saudi Arabia, the Houthis reported over the weekend that they have selected six targets in Saudi Arabia as well as three in the UAE that are considered military targets for the future.

They didn’t say the targets would be hit, and this may be a comment intended to warn the Saudis about consequences if the peace talks fall apart. The two sides were in a state of partial ceasefire since September, though the Saudis recently attacked a market in Houthi territory.

In September, the Houthis attacked a major oil production site in Saudi Arabia. They did not indicate what the new targets would be, but historic strikes suggest oil production and airport facilities.

Oman has been brokering the talks with Saudi Arabia, and reports suggested those were going comparatively well, even though a deal wasn’t imminent. There haven’t been any recent updates suggesting a change, so today’s statement may either suggest the Houthis are anticipating the talks’ failure, or are just trying to reiterate their deterrent capability.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of