US Says Attacks on Saudi Arabia Came From Northwest, Not Yemen

Assessment claims drones looked similar to Iranian ones

Ongoing US attempts to try to blame Iran for the September drone attacks against Saudi Arabia’s Aramco facility are coming with the US pushing a new “assessment” claiming that the drones did not come from Yemen, but rather came from 200 km northwest of the site.

Yemen’s Houthi movement took credit for the attack, and the UN has said they haven’t been able to conclude who did it. The US initially said Iran was responsible and has continued to claim that.

Yet the US assessment still lacks any definitive proof. They claim the drones looked similar to Iranian drones, but the UN has said that with access to the wreckage they’ve not been able to confirm that they were Iranian in origin.

That the attack came from 200 km northwest of the strike is not conclusive of anything, either. Iran is to the northeast, not the northwest, and a 200 km line from the site would have them coming from inside Saudi Arabia.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of