North Korea Slams US Criticism of Recent Rocket Tests

Foreign Ministry: US proves it has nothing to present for dialogue

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement Thursday slamming the US for its comments at a UN Security Council meeting, during which the US called recent rocket tests “ballistic missile tests,” while talking about the US being more flexible in future talks.

The statement said the US comments suggested that they have “nothing to present before us” in dialogue, and are helping North Korea make its decision on possible future talks. They added the US showed a “bandit-like intent” to disarm North Korea.

The US position was somewhat puzzling, as from May, President Trump repeatedly said he did not object to the rocket tests, and did not consider them a violation of a pledge to pause ballistic missile tests. The US envoy now claimed all 13 rocket tests were violations, and that the US does object.

Talks have been seen as unlikely at this point anyhow, as North Korea had conditioned them on the US being willing to offer something in return for denuclearization, and despite talk of increased flexibility, there was no sign the US was willing to do that.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of