North Korea Says Denuclearization Removed From Negotiating Table

Trump warns Kim risks losing everything

With the Trump Administration continuing to not offer any concessions as part of denuclearization, North Korea’s Ambassador Kim Song says that the whole denuclearization process is effectively off of the negotiating table.

The ambassador said that at this point, with the US still not willing to make concessions, no substantial dialogue is really needed, and the US is just pushing such talks for its domestic political agenda.

North Korea has been pushing the US for a new approach for months now, with no sign that was ever going to happen. President Trump warned on Sunday that Kim risks losing “everything” if he backs away from denuclearization.

Yet with Kim having set a year’s end deadline for reviving the talks, and the US refusing to offer anything as part of the deals, there is little sign North Korea is going to come back to the talks any time soon. That doesn’t automatically mean new hostility, but any progress from past talks is likely lost, and any future talks would be starting over.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of