Iran: Iraqi Govt Responsible for Failing to Protect Consulate

Iran demands 'firm response' against protesters

The Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Thursday saying that they hold the Iraqi government wholly responsible for the destruction of their consulate in Najaf, noting that the government is legally responsible for securing the safety of diplomatic missions.

Iraqi protesters have taken an anti-Iran stance amid reports Iran opposes regime change, and have hit the consulate multiple times. On Wednesday, they burned it to the ground outright.

Iran’s statement went on to demand that the Iraqi government show a “firm response to the aggressors.” Iraq has already killed at least 28 protesters on Thursday, and seems to be more aggressive in trying to kill people.

Protests are showing no signs of slowing down in Iraq, and Iran’s statement risks the protesters viewing them as even more responsible for the violent crackdown than they already did, potentially making other Iranian sites in Iraq potential targets as well.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of