North Korea Says Nothing Gained From US Talks but Betrayal

North Korean officials warn of growing indignation

North Korea’s UN Mission issued a statement on Friday saying that the country no longer has any leeway to give more to the US without getting something in return, and says the lack of progress has fueled the indignation of North Korea’s public.

The statement said North Korea had gone through all the diplomatic engagement with the United States and had gotten “nothing but a sense of betrayal” from the process, citing continued US threats as growing.

The lack of anything in return for its concessions has been a big talking point for North Korea recently, as US officials have suggested new meetings, and North Korean leaders have called for the US to adopt a new, even-handed approach to future negotiations.

Interestingly, US officials have complained that they don’t believe North Korea has given up enough in its steps to end its nuclear program. Not only are US officials objecting to the idea of giving North Korea anything, they are demanding more concessions.

Between these two positions, there is so far very little room for more talks, and it seems likely for now both sides will continue to restate their conflicting positions without progress.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of