Trump Officials Meet With Hafter Representative in Libya Shift

State Dept says talks are part of 'broad outreach'

Trump Administration officials have held multiple meetings with Libyan politician Aref al-Nayed, an ally of former CIA-backed warlord Khalifa Hafter. Nayed said the meetings were done to advocate Hafter’s positions and plans for taking over Tripoli.

The US position on Libya is not entirely clear, as President Trump has talked up Hafter having a substantial future role in Libya, while other officials have demanded Hafter stop attacking the capital, and back the Libyan unity government.

The meetings with Nayed are raising yet more speculation that the US is about to bail on the Tripoli government in favor of Hafter, a former CIA asset with broad support among certain US allies.

The State Department, however, are being typically vague about US intentions, saying the talks are just part of the “broad outreach” the US is engaged in and declining any comments beyond that.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of