Yemeni Govt Delays Return to Aden, Blames Separatists

Airline cancelled planned return flight

Officials from the Saudi-backed Hadi government in Yemen were meant to return to the temporary capital of Aden after a deal with the southern separatists. They did not return last week, with Yemen Airways canceling the flight they were meant to be on.

Blaming the airline has no political advantage, however, which is why Yemeni officials instead blamed the separatists. Interior Minister Ahmed al-Maysari denounced the power-sharing deal as a “tragedy” for Yemen.

This is in keeping with the Hadi government’s long-standing opposition to any power-sharing deal, insisting they deserve to be returned unconditionally to power at pre-war levels, and hoping that if they don’t make deals, the Saudis will eventually win the war and give them everything.

The southern separatists have complained the government hasn’t delivered on promised power-sharing and have subsequently refused to fly the flag of unity Yemen at buildings in Aden. The Hadi government says they can’t return to Aden with those flags not fixed.

This is particularly discouraging because officials had hoped the southern power-sharing deal could also serve as a framework for a deal with the Shi’ite Houthis in the north, potentially ending the war.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of