Despite US Demands, Coalition Members Disagree on Repatriating ISIS Fighters

US will accept the return of ISIS fighter stuck on Turkey-Greece border

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is demanding that the other members of the anti-ISIS coalition accept and repatriate ISIS fighters from their countries. US officials are largely dismissing other nations’ concerns about this, who want a better organized plan.

The State Department’s Nathan Sales said the nations have to accept the ISIS fighters, and that “no one should expect the United States or anyone else to solve this problem for them.”

The fighters in question are overwhelmingly from Western Europe, nations like France and Germany, and they have been concerned for years about what would happen when they were eventually coping with the returnees.

Though there are few Americans in play here, the US is going to take at least one of them back, with the Turkish Interior Ministry reporting that the US had agreed to take an American citizen who was deported earlier this week and has subsequently been stuck between the Turk and Greek borders.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of