Saudi Arabia, Yemen’s Houthis Holding Indirect Peace Talks

Omani government is operating as mediator

Indirect peace talks between Saudi Arabia and the Houthi movement in northern Yemen have been ongoing for months, according to officials from both sides. The talks are being mediated by the Omani government.

Oman has mediated past efforts between the two sides to get the peace process going. Reportedly the two sides have had video conferences over the past two months, and European nations are also working as intermediaries for the efforts.

The Houthis have long expressed interest in talks to end the Yemen War, and the Saudis have at times shown interest in the process. Recent reports have suggested a power-sharing deal in South Yemen may serve as a model for this new deal.

In the past, proposals for a power-sharing deal were blocked by the Saudi-backed Hadi government, which believed that in resisting any deal, the Saudis would ultimately take over militarily and give them control without having to share power.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of