Turkey Begins Deporting Foreign Terrorists to Europe and the US

American ISIS member stranded at Turkey-Greece border

Threats from around the area to send former ISIS fighters elsewhere started Monday in Turkey, with the Interior Minister beginning their expulsion of at least 25 citizens to their countries of origin, mostly in Western Europe, but also including at least one American.

Despite this only being 25 people moving from Turkey to Western Europe and North America, it’s still been extremely awkward, with the deported American ISIS militant already reported “stranded” at the Turkey-Greece border.

The American, who has not been named, got to the border, left Turkey, and was denied entry to Greece, sending him back to the Turkish side of the border. Turkey won’t let him in either, so he’s stuck in between.

Turkey wants to get rid of some 1,200 detainees, and Bosnia and Herzegovina are said to be willing to take 260 of their citizens back. 100 of the Bosnians are men, and 160 women.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.