Syrian Kurds Warn EU to Get ‘Much Tougher’ on Turkey or Face ISIS

Kurdish leaders warn arbitrary US withdrawal let ISIS escape

EU nations are threatened so often with ISIS returnees by various nations and groups that sometimes it probably rings hollow. Today, Kurdish political leader Ilham Ahmed took up that position, warning that the EU must get “much tougher” in moving against Turkey, or face major threats from escaping ISIS fighters.

“The threat is very big due to the arbitrary way in which the United States has withdrawn,” Ahmed said. She demanded the EU send 2,000 troops to take over the Syria safe zone to replace Turkey.

On the one hand, Turkey is trying to placate the EU on this by insisting that they are going to capture any ISIS escapees. On the other hand, Turkey is also threatening to send ISIS fighters to Europe themselves if they don’t get their way.

Several EU nations, particularly Germany and France, are concerned about ISIS returnees, and have been concerned for years. Though it’s a foregone conclusion some ISIS returnees will eventually show up back home in their countries of origin, such comments are also aimed to try to decide whose fault it will be when an attack does happen. The US says they’ll blame Turkey, but the Kurds are clearly blaming the US.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of