Rockets Fired on West Iraq Base with US Troops

No coalition troops were reported injured in the attack

According to the Pentagon, at least 17 rockets were fired at a military base in western Iraq which had a US military presence on Friday. Pentagon officials say that no coalition troops were wounded in the attacks.

It is not at all clear who was behind this attack, near the city of Mosul. There have been no claims of responsibility, though the Pentagon statement reiterated the right to resist ISIS remnants.

While Iraq rife with unrest, ISIS remnants, and the US at odds with Shi’ite militias, there are a lot of potential suspects, but so far there seems to be no real evidence, nor any haste to assign blame.

Mosul and the surrounding area was the main site of Iraq’s anti-ISIS offensive, with huge numbers of people killed in the course of eventually reclaiming the city. Though the US was deeply involved in this, it isn’t even clear that the US was the target at the base, or if it was a general strike against Iraq.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of