Kuwait Says Iran Willing to Talk to Saudis With or Without Mediator

Kuwait Foreign Ministry passes messages from Iran to Saudis, Bahrain

Kuwait Deputy FM Khaled al-Jarallah says that his government has been conveying messages from Iran to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain regarding tensions in the Persian Gulf, saying so far no answers have emerged.

Some opportunities have presented themselves, however, with Iran saying they’re willing to hold talks with the Saudis “with or without the help of a mediator,” and Kuwait is shaping up to be a potential such mediator.

Saudi Arabia had broached the idea of talking with Iran after one of its recent pushes for US military action didn’t pan out, deciding that their plan B, after a US war, was talks with Iran.

Everyone seems to agree they prefer a diplomatic solution, but despite that there is no sign that anyone is going to take up proposals from third parties to advance that into actual talks, instead continuing to play along with those efforts, trying to present themselves as the more willing and reasonable side.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.