B-1B Bombers Arrive in Saudi Arabia as Part of Continued US Buildup

Pentagon emphasizes deployment on social media, offers no details

Social media accounts for the US Air Force Global Strike Command and Central Command issued a series of new videos on Friday showing B-1B bombers landing in Saudi Arabia, the latest deployment in a series of major US buildups in the Saudi kingdom.

While they were clearly eager to hype these deployments on social media, the Pentagon has offered no details to the press so far, not disclosing how many US bombers were sent, or how long their deployment will be.

This follows up on the US sending a substantial number of ground troops into Saudi Arabia, nominally to defend the country from Iran. As US-Iran tensions continue to grow, the US keeps throwing more military equipment into the area along Iran’s periphery.

B-1B bombers are clearly not a defensive deployment, either, but rather are there to participate in potential US attacks. The conclusion can only be that these bombers are there for potential attacks on Iran.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.