September Deadliest Month for Yemen Civilians, But UN Sees Hope

UN officials upbeat on calm in Aden, interest in ceasefires

A new report from the UN found September to the be deadliest month for civilians yet in 2019, unsurprising given the large number of airstrikes. UN data showed 388 killed or injured in the month.

The UN singled out a number of “gruesome examples” in their reports, including Saudi airstrikes against mosques and family homes, and an attack on a UN water system which provided water for 12,000 Yemenis. They added this remains the world’s worse humanitarian crisis.

At the same time, the UN report was upbeat, claiming there is some hope, albeit fragile hope, that the situation could soon improve. They cited the deal in Aden which has led to calm in the major southern city, and interest among Houthis and Saudis in a ceasefire in the north.

These are hopeful chances for relative calm, though so far there is a lot of resistance to any permanent, war-ending deal, particularly from the Saudi-backed Yemen government, which doesn’t want any power-sharing agreements or to consider anything that doesn’t return to them absolute rule of the whole country. That has gotten in the way of past peace talks, and may well again.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of