Saudis Take Control of Yemen’s Aden Under New Power-Sharing Deal

Saudi presence meant to be temporary

In a step toward implementing a power-sharing deal meant to end fighting in South Yemen between government and separatist forces, Saudi Arabia has temporarily taken control of the port of Aden, the de facto capital of the south.

The deal intends for the Saudis to take the city just long enough to help establish a neutral force with militias from the various sides to police and defend the area. At that point, the Saudis are meant to withdraw, as have the UAE forces.

Under the deal, the UAE-backed separatists, the Southern Transitional Council, are intended to get some additional representation in the Saudi-backed government. Exact terms have yet to be announced.

In August, the STC started fighting with the government and seized Aden. They promised to liberate the whole of South Yemen, and after fighting for a couple of weeks, it settled with them controlling just a fraction of the area, and negotiations trying to resolve the situation.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of