Syrian Kurds Halt Anti-ISIS Operations Amid Turkish Offensive

Focus is on fighting the invading Turks

The major Syrian Kurdish faction the SDF has reportedly halted its anti-ISIS operations, to the extent that any were still going on, in response to Turkish ground forces crossing the border into northeastern Syria on Wednesday.

This move absolutely makes sense, with sources saying that the SDF believes it is impossible to resist a Turkish invasion and fight ISIS remnants at the same time. Clearly, this was something the Kurds threatened to try to deter Turkey.

In reality, there do not appear to have been substantial anti-ISIS operations going on anymore for quite some time, since ISIS lost all their territory months ago. The ISIS battle was a big talking point for the US, and they are keen to keep that narrative going.

The US has demanded that Turkey take charge of the ISIS operation now that they are in northeastern Syria, with a focus on keeping prisoners detained. It is likely that anything even remotely ISIS-related will be blamed on Turkey.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of