Iraq Lifts Restrictions in Parts of Baghdad

Social media censorship leaves questions open about situation across Iraq

Reports suggest that at least within the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, the situation has become somewhat less violent. Iraq has been keen to emphasize this, and has lifted some security restrictions in Baghdad, particularly around the Green Zone. Schools that had been closed because of the protests have begun to reopen.

What’s going on in Baghdad’s Green Zone, where there are a number of international reporters, may be misleading, with some protesters saying that the continued blocking of social media has prevented them from getting information out about the state of the country.

While Iraq’s Abdul Mahdi is very interested in returning the country to a state of relative normalcy, at least to the point where he’s not constantly being called on to resign, it’s not clear whether the whole country is shifting back to pre-protest norms or if the government is just trying to give that appearance to the rest of the world.

Some protesters are claiming demonstrations are ongoing in some parts of the country, despite the situation in the Green Zone, though until social media access resumes, the actual situation on the ground will likely remain uncertain.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of