Iraqi Govt Offers More Reforms in Attempt to Placate Protesters

PM offers land distribution, electricity for poor in latest moves

After Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi announced a series of concessions, including a minimum basic income for the poor, protests in Iraq continued. On Tuesday, he announced a second package of measures.

The new measures are again focused on trying to give things to the poor people who are heavily participating in the protests over the lack of economic progress post ISIS war. This will include land being distributed to the public, and 3,000 poor families getting free solar power systems to provide electricity.

Other promises focused on calls to improve the economy, promising tax relief for small businesses, and calls for provincial officials to form committees to meet protesters and respond to their demands.

Parliament is quickly advancing the legislation for the first round of concessions, including the stipends for the poor and building new housing projects across the country. With officials hoping to avoid having to resign and hold fresh elections, they’re likely to keep approving anything they think might help.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of