Pentagon’s Security Clearance Takeover Means Classifying More Information

New authority means major new push for secrecy

As the Pentagon assumed control over security clearances and federal background checks earlier this week, it was seen mostly as a rebuke for the Office of Personnel Management, and their data losses.

Pentagon officials, however, are now talking up major changes they intend to make, which includes classifying large aspects of the process, particularly surrounding acquisition of information.

The argument among officials is that other countries are competitors, and even letting them know how the US is handling its substantial background checks and clearances would put the process at risk.

The long-term goal is to not only keep more data secret, but to even mask the process by which the programs came into creation and how they work. This arguably will make it harder for hackers to circumvent security measures, but will also greatly reduce transparency within the US government.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of