North Korea, US to Hold Working-Level Talks Over the Weekend

Meeting intended to get the two sides back to active negotiations

With both US and North Korean officials saying in recent weeks that they are interested in getting negotiations again,  officials have announced that there will be working-level talks on Saturday.

Details aren’t totally clear, though both sides confirmed that such meetings would take place. It isn’t clear where the talks will be, or who will attend, though it is meant to “accelerate the positive development” of bilateral relations.

Talks at lower than the highest levels don’t have a great history between the US and North Korea, as Trump-Kim summits seem to be where the real progress is going to be made, an both leaders are trying to get back to that point after months without progress.

Though this may be a quick way to start making arrangements for bigger talks, it may also be obligatory since both sides have claimed they’re willing to talk, and couldn’t say no to such a modest level of talks.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of