US to Provide $52 Million in Funding for Venezuela’s Opposition

As opposition crumbles, USAID to increase funding

Venezuela’s opposition has been showing signs of splintering in recent weeks, with opposition figures less and less well-aligned some nine months after their failed attempt at imposing regime change.

With the Trump Administration having committed to the opposition, they are apparently not giving up on the increasingly unlikely hope for regime change. Trump met with opposition figures on the sidelines of the UN, and has announced plans to provide another $52 million in funds for them.

The $52 million will be provided through USAID. Opposition leader Juan Guaido says that Venezuela won’t be directly administering the funds, since they don’t have a comptroller, and the US will decide where the money goes.

USAID says the money will go to “independent” media and the opposition-controlled National Assembly. USAID has a long history of funneling its money toward political trickery, and some of this will probably be meant to try to foment another attempt at a military coup.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of