US Officials Claim Attacks on Saudi Oil Came From SW Iran

Saudis recovered 'pristine' circuit board from cruise missile

US interest in pinning the Saturday drone attacks against Saudi Arabia on Iran continue apace, even though President Trump does not appear to want to use such allegations to start a war.

Officials continue to make claims of evidence, though as usual they continue not to provide any of that evidence to the public to evaluate. Officials claim they can say that the attack originated in southwest Iran, but again, aren’t clear on how that happened.

Instead, US officials are trying to discredit the more likely alternative, that Yemen’s Houthis did it. This is the most probable source of the attack, because the Houthis have very publicly said they did it. US officials, however, say the Houthis never used drones before, as though that proves they couldn’t have developed what is basically a commercially available technology.

In what is perhaps the least credible aspect of the investigation, US investigators claim that the Saudis recovered a “pristine” circuit board off of a cruise missile fired in the area. The US is trying to pin it on Iran.

And yet, the very idea is preposterous. The suggestion that a circuit board in a missile full of explosives flew through Iran, Iraqi airspace, and Saudi airspace and then slammed in the ground, and miraculously remained “pristine” is simply not credible.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of