Media Backlash on Trump Almost Meeting Taliban at Camp David

Lawmakers complain canceled meeting was too close to 9/11

President Trump may have flown off the handle and canceled eight months of Afghan peace talks on a whim this weekend, but most of the media and political criticism of him is centering not on that, but rather for having planned to meet with Taliban negotiators at Camp David.

While Camp David has historically been a place for peace talks, media reports are deeply critical of the idea of inviting the Taliban there, reflectively in no small part of their general opposition to the peace process that was to go with the talks.

Lawmakers, once they sensed this was a good issue to get some media coverage on, went after Trump for the date of the meeting, which they say was “9/11 weekend,” even though historically 9/11 (which is Wednesday) has never been treated as encompassing a weekend.

Some are arguing Camp David is too “prestigious” for the Taliban to be allowed in. Others suggested anger over 9/11 should mean the Taliban never get talks at all. The idea that talks in and of themselves are a “reward” from the US was similarly echoed in opposition to North Korea talks.

Trump has defended the idea of meeting people to negotiate as an important part of diplomacy, though his willingness to see that through to the end is somewhat limited. Ultimately, Trump ditched the process, and the media is still fuming over the idea that officials almost met with the Taliban, but ultimately did not.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of