US, Turkey Begin Joint Syria Patrols, Disagreements Continue

Syria slams 'flagrant violation' of sovereignty

The US and Turkey remain at odds in eastern Syria, mostly over the question of whether the Kurds will be allowed autonomy or indeed continued existence as a semi-autonomy entity. As the arguments continue, however, the US and Turkey have begun “joint patrols” in northeastern Syria.

Turkey sent forces across the border into Syria to participate in this joint patrol scheme on the Syrian side of the border. This is nominally a safe zone established between Turkey and Kurdish-held eastern Syria.

While the Kurds haven’t been particularly happy with this arrangement, the real grievance comes from Syria itself, which has noted that they didn’t give Turkey or the US permission for this operation, and that it is a “flagrant violation” of sovereignty.

This is true, of course. Syria never authorized either country to have its troops in Syria in the first place, let alone to carve out a “safe zone” which they would mutually administer.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of