Officials Say ‘Deep Disagreements’ Behind Afghan Peace Talks’ Failure

A lot of details had yet to be sorted out, including timing of announcement

While on Saturday President Trump announced the cancellation of the entire Afghanistan peace process and suggested it was wholly a reaction to a single suicide car bomb, other officials are now trying to rebrand what actually happened to make it less of a hasty decision to abandon months of progress.

They are now arguing that the US and Taliban had “deep disagreements” on several issues, though what few issues they named, like timing of announcing the deal, all seemed  minor, and every major issue had already been resolved.

This raises the possibility that the end of the peace process was a Trump whim, or perhaps more likely that the administration believed some of the terms of the deal would be unpopular, and subsequently backed out at the last possible minute.

The merits of backing out at such a late date are dubious, however. With a virtually finished deal in hand, the US has effectively chosen to recommit to a losing war indefinitely, while knowing that ultimately they’ll have to settle for a deal remarkably similar to what they could have right now.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of